Airbus A320 Makes First Commercial Flight on Biofuel in Spain

Today an Airbus A320 flew from Madrid to Barcelona, Spain using a partial biofuel and conventional jet fuel mixture. This made it the first commercial flight in Spain to be powered by biofuels and showed that these alternative fuel sources are viable for the airline industry. Energy company Repsol supplied the new experimental fuel to airline Ibera who supplied the flight. Approximately 5,700 pounds of the fuel mixture were used to make the flight resulting in 3,300 less pounds of carbond ioxide emissions compared with conventional jet fuel.

Iberia’s Chairman Antonio Vazquez Romero was quoted as saying, “The fight against climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face, and biofuels are essential for reducing our reliance on oil, increasing our competitiveness, and achieving the ambitious emissions-reduction targets set by the airline industry.”

Below is a video showing an A320 while taxiing and taking off.


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