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When thinking about the sources of renewable energy it’s easy to miss the big picture. Renewable energy is usually broken down into the following categories; solar, wind, hydro, biological, and geothermal.

Examples of solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal energy sources.

Examples of solar, wind, hydro, biomass, and geothermal energy sources.

Below is a video that briefly explains how geothermal, solar, biofuel or biomass, and tidal power works. Although it’s missing wind to give an example of each of the renewable energy sources wind turbines are essentially the same as the tidal turbines shown except using wind instead of tides. Typically when people think of hydroelectricity they think of dams but hydro also includes wave, tidal, and ocean thermal energy.

Most people understand that the Sun provides energy for solar power in the form of electromagnetic radiation (light). Solar energy also heats the ground and atmosphere of the Earth creating the wind used by wind turbines. Wind creates waves for wave power. Evaporation and condensation are driven by the Sun providing the rain that feeds our hydroelectric dams. Moon and Sun provide gravitational pull creating the tides to power tidal energy. Plants don’t grow without sunlight making the Sun essential for biomass and biofuels. Even geothermal energy harnesses energy provided by the Sun in certain configurations. Geothermal systems utilising the heat from the molten core of the Earth is the only renewable energy source that doesn’t rely on the Sun in some way.

Looking at the ultimate sources of renewable energy it’s apparent that this is energy from the celestial bodies that make up our universe. Sun, Moon, and Earth are the only renewable energy sources even though we harvest energy from a variety of effects those sources have on our planet.




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