Denatured Ethanol

Denaturized ethanol is ethanol that has additives that is not edible or consumable. It is definitely not recommended that denaturized ethanol be drunk as an alcoholic beverage or mixed with any over beverages. It is very different from ethanol, or distilled alcohol, which is the alcohol commonly used for human consumption.

Generally it is used as a solvent, or cleanser or for fuel for spirit burners and camping stoves, for instance. But nonetheless, some have attempted to use denaturized alcohol as a so-called cheaper alternative to distilled alcohol, much to their own physical detriment.

Because of the way it is made and the kind of ingredients that are used, which may or may not be known to the consumer, the production of denaturized alcohol has generally been tightly controlled by governmental standards which can vary from country to country.

In addition to denaturized alcohol being used in spirit burners and camping stoves, it also has other non-consumption uses such as in certain insecticides, as a solvent or cleaning solution in removing ink from clothes, shellac, or wood polish, and even in certain toothpastes.

Oddly enough, though, despite it’s poisonous properties, denaturized alcohol has been considered a “surrogate drug”. Denaturized alcohol, especially if it contains methanol, a poisonous substance, can result in death as well as blindness. To deter persons from using this dangerous substance-denaturized alcohol-many manufacturers now add denatonium, a bitter chemical compound, to give the substance an extremely bitter taste, making it undesirable.

Other additives such as pyridine gives denaturized alcohol an unpleasant odor and certain emetics, or vomiting agents such as syrup of ipecac makes the substance disgusting and unpalatable.

Between 1926 to 1933-The years when Prohibition was in force and many bootleggers were using denaturized alcohol as an alternative to genuine, distilled alcohol, or ethanol, it was estimated that about 10,000 people died of this substance alone in the United States.

But for all of the dangerous properties that denaturized alocohol can result from because of improper use, there is a proper use that most people use for it. What is it? You probably have it in your medicine cabinet right now. When you hurt or cut yourself, you probably use it right away. Yes, you guessed it, it’s rubbing alcohol, which is in effect, denaturized alcohol.

Many things that are invented usually have a proper and improper use, and denaturized alcohol is one of them. Use it wisely.


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