Canada On Track for Record Wind Power Growth in 2011

Projections show that around 1,338 MW of newly installed wind energy will come online in 2011 crushing the current record of 950 MW set in 2009. New wind power capacity in Canada will also nearly double last year’s installation of 690 MW bringing the total installed wind power capacity in Canada to 5,300 MW or enough to power more than 1.5 million homes.

Many provincial governments have enacted renewable energy policies which many industry insiders attribute responsibility for the new growth. Upcoming elections have turned this into a political issue with the Progressive Conservative party wanting to reverse these new policies and incumbent Liberals promising more green energy growth.

“Continuation of the growth we’ve seen does rely on policy stability, and the reason it does is because there’s a tremendous amount of competition for this investment these days,” said Robert Hornung, President of the Canadian Wind Energy Association.



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