Germany Tops Renewable Energy Record

BDEW, Germany’s Association of Energy and Water Industries, has reported that more than 20% of electricity generated in the country was supplied by renewable energy sources for the first half of 2011.

Germany reached this goal through a combination of wind, biomass, solar, and hydro power plants. BDEW’s report shows that one of the largest gains in renewable energy sources was made in solar photovoltaics which produced 3.5% of electricity compared with 2% during the previous year. Wind energy increased to 7.5% up from 6.6%, biomass generated 5.6% up from 5.4%, hydro power was responsible for 3.3% down from the previous year’s 3.6%, and waste-fired and other renewable energy remained unchanged from the previous year and generated 0.8% of electricity for the country.

Reaching this mark makes Germany the leader worldwide in producing electricity from renewable energy while also setting a new record for production of electricity from renewables. Generating 20% of electricity from renewable energy technologies was a major goal for Germany but progress isn’t slowing. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s administration has set a goal of providing 35% of electricity form renewable sources by 2020.


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