Tidal Power: Advantages and Disadvantages

Below are several disadvantages and advantages of tidal power. In summary tidal energy advantages are centered around long term results. This is true financially, environmentally, and even in terms of project lifespans. Tidal energy disadvantages are primarily the high construction costs and problems associated with finding viable locations where power is also needed and can be transmitted.

Advantages of Tidal Energy

  • Very high efficiency of around 80% can be obtained.
  • Produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation.
  • Tidal stream generators have minimal environmental impact.
  • Low operations cost once construction is complete.
  • Reliable energy production (tides are predictable and constant).
  • Tidal barrages have a very long lifespan (100+ years).
  • Renewable energy source (gravity from Moon/Sun) drives tides.

Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

  • High initial construction costs.
  • Limited locations around the World where tidal energy is viable.
  • Habitat and environmental changes and destruction particular with tidal barrages.
  • Transmission of power hampered by power generation necessarily being located near oceans./li>

Please let us know if we have missed any advantages or disadvantages of tidal energy. We value our reader’s feedback.



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