Advantages and Disadvantages of Wave Power

There are many advantages of wave energy, primarily the minimal environmental impact, high efficiency, and low construction costs associated with it. Until recently wave power was mostly theoretical but more real world examples are showing its viability as a utility scale power source. The main disadvantages of wave energy are its unreliable energy production and inability to be obtained inland from oceans.

Advantages of Wave Power

  • Capable of high efficiency (60-80%) in ideal conditions.
  • Renewable energy source obtained by wind via the Sun’s heating of our atmosphere.
  • Minimal environmental impact when properly placed.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs after construction.
  • Low upfront construction costs.
  • No emissions during operation.

Disadvantages of Wave Power

  • Improperly placed wave power plants can damage the marine ecosystem.
  • Efficiency drops significantly in rough weather due to safety mechanisms.
  • Limited locations where waves are strong enough to produce electricity without damaging equipment.
  • Power only produced near oceans making transmission to inland customers difficult.
  • Winds (and thus waves) can be unpredictable and far from reliable. Can’t produce electricity at all times.

If you think we’ve missed some wave power advantages or disadvantages please let us know. We appreciate reader feedback.



  1. Julia says:

    I’m doing a report on this subject. These points spark ideas for topics and research. Thanks for posting!

  2. Nancy Billingham says:

    Umm… I am in grade 6 but i know quite alot about energy sources because i have recently been studying this.

    I think this website the information is correct although inserting things for wave in the ocean kills wildlife and is hard to deassemble (Sorry I am french my spelling is quite bad :( )
    please add this as it is important thank you :)


  3. Harry Ingram says:

    Another disadvantage of Wave Power is that it causes both Visual and Noise pollution. Reducing quality of life for nearby homes.


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