Hydrogen Fueling Stations

Hydrogen fuel has been pushed very heavily by the existing automotive giants and some in the energy sector as well. However, because of problems with safety, cost, and consumer adoption the technology is still mostly confined to the lab with some actual prototype vehicles existing in the real world. Hydrogen refueling stations are still very rare but some do exist.

Hydrogen fueling stations map. Image by NREL and Google Maps.

Hydrogen fueling stations map. Image by NREL and Google Maps.

For an interactive version of this hydrogen refueling station map visit NREL’s TransAtlas and select the Hydrogen option. As you can see the central hub for these hydrogen fueling stations is in California as the state was one of the earlier adopters of the technology and provided government backing.

Experts have criticized hydrogen’s potential as a “next generation” fuel source saying that it will be several decades at least before the technology and infrastructure changes requires for it to become mainstream could be completed. This was the reason cited when the US government cut all funding for hydrogen fuel research at least in the consumer sector.

Although hydrogen might be a valuable fuel source in the future its time is not now. New technological advances such as deep hydrogen and increases in stability and safety as well as infrastructure improvements make this a more appealing fuel source but for all of these pieces to fit together some major technological and infrastructure related feats need to be accomplished.


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