Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen generators are used to turn water into an energy source. They use electrolysis to separate the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms that make up the water and then burn the hydrogen, and the resulting product is water. This means that it is “green” energy too since its only byproduct is water. Since water is one of the most abundant resources on earth, it is a good source for energy. They can be created relatively easily, but they are still not efficient enough to truly be practical as a power source.

Hydrogen generators are most commonly used as a means of alternative energy or to increase fuel mileage in cars. However, many of these are scams, and do not make cars any more efficient. This is because it takes more energy (from the electricity used to separate the oxygen and hydrogen) than is released by burning the hydrogen. However, it is still possible to create a hydrogen generator for learning purposes relatively simply. One can simply use a DC power source and distilled water to create an electrolysis machine that will separate the hydrogen and oxygen, and the resulting hydrogen can be burned. This is a good experiment to learn the basics of hydrogen generator, but it will not provide a practical power source. Be careful if you do this experiment, because pure hydrogen is very dangerous, and can explode easily if not handled carefully.

There are also commercially available kits to produce hydrogen generators which are supposed to be capable of hydrogen generation. Be warned though, many do not work as advertised and are dangerous or are just straight up scams. That being said, there are many real hydrogen generator kits on the market, and they are more efficient than a home made one is and can help to learn about hydrogen generators so you can get started making hydrogen. They can be used in experiments or as a way to power anything. Many people have used them it as a hydrogen generator for cars in small scale projects. Of course, this requires a solid understanding of how to make hydrogen gas as you would be producing it on a large enough scale to be dangerous. I don’t condone making hydrogen garage setups.

Hydrogen generators are not yet practical means of alternative energy, but scientists are working on making them efficient enough to be practical. Scientists have already used hydrogen fuel cells, which are similiar to hydrogen generators, in automobiles successfully and have even explored algae as a means of producing hydrogen instead of using electrical energy. Soon enough, scientists will have figured out a way to make hydrogen generators practical, and we will have clean renewable energy.



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