Hydrogen Kits

Hydrogen generators, are they real, or are they just another snake oil? When searching around the internet you’ll read plenty of arguments on both sides. The bottom line is that some have had great luck with them, while others report performance and gas mileage losses.

What is a Hydrogen Generator?

A hydrogen generator basically enhances the performance of an engine. Ideally this would mean that your engine would be less gas hungry after a hydrogen conversion. Obviously this would improve your gas mileage.

An engine basically has a canister that contains water and metal objects that conduct electricity. A battery then energizes the metal, providing a by-product of hydrogen. A vacuum line then goes from the hydrogen canister and into the air intake.

Hydrogen Cons

Many hydrogen generator users have reported performance losses. Some engines just don’t cooperate well with hydrogen. A fuel injected engine gets confused as the computer does not process hydrogen as a component. As exhaust is blown out of the engine, the oxygen sensor does not detect much fuel, so the computer sends more fuel. This would lower your gas mileage, and possibly foul your ignition system.

This problem can be fixed by manipulating the oxygen and map sensor, but consequently you may experience other side effects with this fix. With out proper MAP sensing and oxygen sensing, other problems may go unnoticed. The unnoticed problems could be numerous.

Good Reports of Hydrogen Generators

Those who report positive results from the use of a hydrogen generator are usually using a carbureted engine. A carbureted engine is more scientific and mechanical. The engine does not have a computer making calculations in order to make decisions. Carburetors must be adjusted with a hydrogen generator.

It’s also recommended to have a separate battery for the hydrogen generator. This prevents the generator from using up other resources, or leaving you with a dead battery. You should also evaluate your alternator. Be sure that your alternator can keep up with the demand of the generator and your other accessories.


Getting a hydrogen generator setup isn’t too difficult but sometimes you’ll also need to do a hydrogen car conversion if you aren’t using a hydrogen combustion engine with hydrogen fuel systems. There are a number of guides available on the subject. An eager buyer can even pick up an already made kit through various websites, or even eBay.



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