Proposed Kanasas Wind Farm Would be State Largest

Today it was announced that BP Wind Energy would be building the largest wind farm in Kansas state. Project Flat Ridge 2 will be a facility boasting 419 MW capacity and covering 66,000 acres which is expected to be operational by the end of 2012. “I love wind energy,” said governor Sam Brownback, “It’s a fabulous industry that fits our state well.”

More than 200 landowneers will be paid over $1 million by BP over annually for 20 years for land leasing rights to erect wind turbines. Carol Voran county commissioner for Kingman County was quoted as saying, “Economically, it’s very significant.” It’s estimated that the project will create more than 500 jobs during construction over the next year and 30 long term operator positions.

A majority of electricity generated will be sold to Associated Electric Cooperative. One of major factors which impacted their decision to purchase the energy rights from BP was the possible 2012 expiration of a federal tax credit benefiting wind farm development.


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