Renewable Energy Q&A

Welcome to the Renewable Energy Resource Question & Answer section. Below is a list of questions we have received from our readers and answered. Please feel free to submit a question for us as well.

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Solar Energy Questions

How does a satellite get energy in space?
How does a solar stirling engine work?
How does a solar cooker work?
Which cookware should I use in a solar cooker?
What materials can be used to make a solar cooker?
What do solar panels power?
What are safety concerns in space for energy?

Misc Energy Questions

How much money does renewable resources save?
How many amps can a bike produce?
How much does a electricity generating bike cost?
How is energy created from plastics?
How does a stirling generator work?
Is crude oil a renewable energy resource?
Ways to power a generator with weights?

Nuclear Energy Questions

Is fission and fusion energy renewable?
What runs off nuclear energy?
What is nuclear energy and how does it work?
What are the sources of energy in nuclear fission and fusion?
What are the processes of nuclear fission to be controlled to release energy safely?
What are examples of nuclear energy?
Does nuclear fisson create heat, light, or sounds?

Piezoelectric Energy Questions

How do you build tiles with piezoelectric materials?
Is piezoelectricity enough to power a car?
Ways to use piezoelectric material?
What material generates piezoelectricity?
Does piezoelectricity produce enough power for a wireless mouse?

Tidal Energy Questions

How much electricity does tidal power generate?
How efficient is tidal power?
Does tidal power slow earth rotations?
How does a tidal energy generator produce electricity?
How does a tidal power station generate electricity?
Is tidal power energy widely accepted in today’s society?
What is the tidal power resource?

Biological Energy Questions

How long is the fermentation process to produce ethanol?
How does biomass ethanol work?
How is biodiesel converted to energy?
How does a biofuel turbine work?
Why does ethanol fermentation produce co2?
Why is water a problem in ethanol fuel?
Why is ethanol fermentation used?

Wave Energy Questions

How does wave power generate electricity from a floating object?
How does water work as a renewable energy resource?
How does hydrodynamic power work?
Where does wave power work well?
What is the difference between wave power sources?
How does the pelamis wave power work?
What are the pros and cons of pelamis generators?

Wind Energy Questions

Why cant wind energy be used for an oven?
What are the cons of wind energy to power ovens?

Hydroelectric Energy Questions

How does gravity hydropower work?
How does a dam work?
Will hydroelectric power save money?
What kind of power output does hydroelectric power produce?
What is the wasted energy for hydroelectric energy?
What is an example of hydroelectric energy?
What does a wicket gate do in a hydro dam?

Hydrogen Energy Questions

How does hydrogen work as an energy source?
Is hydrogen fuel a renewable energy source?
What is the fuel source for hydrogen combustion?
What are hydrogen kits?
Why does hydrogen fuel cost so much?

Geothermal Energy Questions

How is geothermal electricity renewable?



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