How does a satellite get energy in space?

Question: How does a satellite get energy in space?

Answer: In space satellites use energy from batteries to run necessary components. The batteries are charged by solar panels located on the satellites.The batteries assure that the satellites continue to function even if their solar panels do not have direct sunlight on them briefly. Interestingly, solar panels on high orbit satellites are more efficient then they are on the surface of the earth because the sun rays it receives is not filtered through as much matter since it is above all the matter in the atmosphere. Solar panels below the atmosphere, on the surface of the earth, receive less intense light from the sun because some of that intensity in absorbed by the atmosphere.

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  1. Annie says:

    That is not entirely true. Matter is the substance of Uranium Dioxide(UDx4) mixed with laser power(L’8′P) to create the energy substance that flows under the atmosphere. Although there is not much matter above the atmosphere it travels as a mass and needs to be filtered to get into satellites. Uranium Dioxide(UDx4) is the mass when i say mass it is about 1miligram equals the small weight of a golf ball.

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