Is piezoelectricity enough to power a car?

Question: Is piezoelectricity enough to power a car?

Answer: Technically piezoelectric generators could power an electric car but not in any kind of economically feasible way. There are plans to use piezoelectric generators in things like walkways, streets, dance floors, etc to recover wasted energy but to recover enough to power a car regularly would essentially be impossible. Instead the focus is on using this recovered energy to power things like street lights, traffic lights, and other low energy applications. Imagine a sort of distributed electrical grid that would gradually charge a battery. While the battery would eventually charge enough to be used to power an electric car the amount of time or scale it would take to do so makes it infeasible. Essentially if you had your city wired up with piezoelectric generators purely for your own use then it might work but as you can imagine the scale of such a setup is beyond anything economically feasible when compared to alternatives like solar power.

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