What are the disadvantages of ethanol fuel?

Question: What are the disadvantages of ethanol fuel?

Answer: There are a few disadvantages to ethanol fuel. First is that there is a sort of dual negative impact of ethanol on either the food markets or our environment. Existing food crops being used to produce ethanol reduce supply which drives up the costs for that food item. The other option is to clear land and convert it to agricultural land for growing ethanol crops. This results in a loss of biodiversity which can have long term impacts on soil quality and result in large green house gas emissions due to clearing. Some reports are finding that the amount of cleared vegetation on land converted to agricultural use for ethanol production results in greater carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions than is saved over using petroleum based fuels. Additionally if oil based fertilizers and pesticides are used they must be factored in to the final net environmental impact of producing and using ethanol.

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