What is butanol fuel used for?

Question: What is butanol fuel used for?

Answer: Butanol fuel is used in internal combustion engines similar to gasoline. Butanol is chemically closer to gasoline than ethanol and can even be used in many gasoline engines without modification. Currently there are no vehicles being produced to use 100% butanol fuel. However some companies (such as BP and DuPont) have engaged in joint ventures to produce biobutanol gasoline blends for use in gasoline internal combustion engines.

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  1. Adrian Vance says:

    Butanol produces as much energy per pound as gasoline, but it has 1/14th the volatility and is so much safer experts have estimated 15,000 people would be saved every year as that is the number of people who die in automobile crash fires annually.

    Please see my US Patent 7,855,061 for the production of butanol from sequestered CO2, water, sunlight and bacteria.

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