What material generates piezoelectricity?

Question: What material generates piezoelectricity?

Answer: There is a rather large list of materials that are considered piezoelectric. It includes things like bone (due to collagen), wood, enamel, quartz, cane sugar, silk, a large list of man made crystals, and lead based ceramics in addition to newly created lead free piezoelectric ceramics used when toxicity from the lead is a concern. Some of these man made ceramics are things like lead zirconate titanate or sodium tungstate. An example of a man made crystal is gallium orthophosphate. The newly created lead free ceramics such as bismuth ferrite aren’t yet used industrially and only exist in labs or theoretically.

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  1. T.VIGNESH says:

    what is the difference between piezoelectric generator and piezoelectric transducer?

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