What plans are there for the future of renewable energy sources?

Question: What plans are there for the future of renewable energy sources?

Answer: One of the most promising areas of research into future renewable energy sources is something known as fourth generation biofuels. The theory is that we will be able to use genetically modified plants that can actually extract carbon from the atmosphere and then be turned into hydrocarbons for use as fuel. This would allow the carbon released in exhaust to be recaptured and recycled into new fuel thus eliminating environmental concerns relating to the carbon currently being released from combustion of gasoline for example.

Another area of research is into solar collection satellites. These satellites would be equipped with multiple solar panel arrays that then beam power back to earth in the form of microwaves to a collector which would distribute the power. Although this sounds pretty far out there it’s very feasible already and the main hurdle is the economics involved. However, as with all future renewable energy sources when the prices of conventional energy rise the prices associated with alternative energy become more feasible.

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  1. shubham patel says:

    i want to know about, scope of the rennewable energy sources in india, their plant and recruitment???

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