What type of waste can be converted to energy?

Question: What type of waste can be converted to energy?

Answer: Essentially all matter can be converted into energy, but whether it is cost effective to do so depends on the difficulty and expense of converting unwanted products into energy, the availability of those unwanted products, and the cost of energy. Today, the most cost effective waste we process is biomass, which is made up entirely of organic matter and can be processed by naturally occurring organisms in a process called composting which releases some methane gas and produces a fertile soil amendment we call compost. Additionally, some select biomass types can be processed by specific cultures of yeast organisms that ferment the starches and sugars into useful biofuels. For the most part fermentation is restricted to crops that are not left over or waste product, but future development in the field may make it more profitable to produce biofuels from agricultural waste products.

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