Where does wave power work well?

Question: Where does wave power work well?

Answer: All current forms of wave power require somewhat significant waves in terms of size to produce electricity. However, a major concern is also waves that get too large or violent and could damage components of the system or even destroy it completely. As a result of this ideal spots for wave power are sheltered from storms (such as bays, etc) but also in areas with significant swells.

One particular area that is often considered a prime location for wave power is the Pacific Northwest because of areas like Puget sound which are well insulated from large storm waves but also produce consistent and suitably large waves for power generation.

Another concern is that wave power on a large scale (such as would be required to compete with conventional power plants) would require large amounts of shoreline to be used. This means that even in ideal locations you have to deal with the local population. People don’t like to buy beach front property so they can look out at the water and see power buoys or pelamis wave generators.

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