Will hydroelectric power save money?

Question: Will hydroelectric power save money?

Answer: The question of whether hydroelectric power saves money depends on many factors including the infrastructure set up, obtaining a location with sufficient energy output available, and the market (price) for energy at that location. Overall, hydroelectric power will always pay back the investment as long as the machinery stays in working order and there is no significant geographical or climatic changes in the landscape because it is harnessing energy that is replenished by the earth’s natural cycles. Hydroelectric energy is essentially using energy from the earth’s gravitation pull on water as it falls from up on land, where clouds have dropped it, back down into lakes or oceans where it is evaporated back into clouds. As long as that cycle continues at the location of the hydroelectric generator there will be “free” energy available to harvest.

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  1. Exasperated. says:

    How much exactly will you save by using hyrdoelectric power vs. using electricity?

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