Solar Ovens for Sale

There are a wide variety of solar ovens for sale but before you jump in and purchase on you should know a little bit about the variety and choices available. There is a huge difference in quality between a simple parabolic reflector and a completely enclosed oven. Below you can find a large selection of solar ovens. Let’s go over some of the differences between them though and what those differences entail.

Solar kettles are a sort of subclass of solar oven that is specifically designed to boil water as fast as possible. This is great for sterilizing drinking water, making tea, etc or anything you might need boiling water for. However, they aren’t very useful for cooking food.

Sport solar ovens are basically top of the line ovens. They are used in competitions where aspiring solar chefs try to produce perfected culinary works using only the sun as their heat source. This is also a great choice if you simply want the best.

Parabolic solar ovens are nice because they don’t require very much adjustment compared to tracking cookers that use a flat panel reflector. They still do requirement adjustment and monitoring but considerably less.

Hybrid solar ovens are nice when you want an outdoor cooker that can still be used on cloudy days. These have an additional electrical heating component that adjusts to the lack of sun to reach the temperature you specify. On sunny days these can also skip the electrical component completely.




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