Portable Solar Power Generators

When you see the large solar power generators that are used to generate electricity in California, Nevada, and other desert states, you may not think that effective portable electric power can be generated. Solar calculators and solar-powered landscaping lights proven that portable solar power is possible. One Canadian company has offered a solar-powered electric bicycle, which gives it the ultimate in portability.

Many generators run on gas or a similar fossil fuel, but a person who wants to reduce his carbon footprintm or a person who t does not want to risk getting gasoline on his hands may consider buying or building a solar-powered generator. In order to build a solar-powered generator, you will need a solar panel, a 12 volt battery, a DC input, an AC inverter, a rechargeable battery, some electrical wires, and a box to put the rechargeable battery in.

Take the battery and place it in the box. Use a drill to place the DC input and the volt meter on the top of the box. Use the wires to attach the box to the input and the meter. Attach the DC to AC converter to the box if you want to run household appliances. Find a sunny spot and unfold the solar panel in the sun. Attach the panel to the battery to let it charge. A dead battery takes 10 hours to reach full capacity. A battery that has just been drained takes between 3-5 hours.

The cost for a self-made solar generator can run under several hundred dollars. If you do not trust your skills as an electrician, you may want to look for a solar generator that has already been made. These generators usually have the AC and DC outlets you need to run most household appliances.

When deciding to build a solar powered generator by yourself, you must know how many Watts the AC devices you plan to run from the generator will use. If the devices connected exceed the wattage of the DC to AC converter, you may experience lowered performance or damage the generator. But on sunny days, the generator lets you decrease your power usage. It may not take you off of the grid entirely.




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