Solar Battery Charger

If you are somebody who likes to go outdoors a lot especially to go camping or hiking then you must have thought about getting a solar battery charger at least once. You may want to take your CD player or digital camera with you. Nowadays there are people who do not feel comfortable going for a hike in the woods unless they take their GPS and a flash light with them. The problem with all these devices is that they need electricity to work. Of course as far as cameras go there is still the option of taking an analogue camera with you. The easiest solution to this problem is to get a solar energy based battery charger. It is a simple and effective way to charge your batteries no matter where you are.

There are several different types of chargers. As the name implies solar chargers use sunlight to convert it to electricity. So it goes without saying that you will need a reasonable amount of sun light and also to recharge during day time to get the desired result. The first type of solar battery charger is the type that uses internal re-chargeable batteries. The main advantage of this one is that it will recharge without having to connect it to the device. You just let it be in the sun and it will do its recharging and when it is done you can hook it up to your cell phone, mp3 player or whatever electronic device it is that you have. If you want you can operate your electronic device directly from it. It will also be able to recharge it using the wall mounted plugs of your house or the cigarette lighter of the car.

The next type of charger is basically a solar panel that can be folded up. This type of solar device will usually be more powerful and also lighter than the previously mentioned internal battery chargers. This means you will be able to use it to recharge larger electronic devices such as laptops and small television sets with a large enough solar battery. Deciding on which type you want will depend on the usual factors such as cost and weight. Larger more powerful solar chargers will generally cost more. No matter which type you decide on, a solar battery charger is an excellent acquisition on many levels. You will be free from power grids and not to mention more environmentally friendly.

The convenience afforded to you by solar batteries shouldn’t be ignored, they can literally be a lifesaver in some situations. Don’t skimp on quality components though or you might end up with something that only lasts a few weeks. The extra cost is worth it when you’re dealing with new technology like this.



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