Solar Desalination

Solar desalination is a technique or method used to extract salt and minerals from water. The technique involved in desalination is that salt is removed from water to make it more suitable for human consumption, or more drinkable.

In some cases the salt extracted is used to produce common table salt or in some instances imported salt, such as Mediterranean salt, for example. It is also used on seagoing ships and submarines. What is the purpose of desalination? It is to provide clean, fresh drinking water in a world that in which it is becoming more and more difficult in many places to find clean water.

Large-scale desalination operations are often very costly and expensive because it uses large amounts of energy as well as specialized equipment. Desalination is mainly common in the Middle East, where pure, drinkable water is mostly scarce. For example, in 2007, 75% of desalination was done in the Middle East.

Not surprisingly, the world’s largest desalination plant is Jebel Ali, located in United Arab Emirates, that serves the dual purpose of multi-stage flash distillation, or a technique that distills seawater and converts it into drinking water. It reportedly produces 300 million cubic meters of water a year.

The Middle East is not the only major desalination industry. The United States of America is another leading nation in the desalination industry. for example, it has a desalination plant located in Tampa Bay, Florida. It began its desalination process in December 2007, desalinating 25 million gallons of water every day. Actually, the Tampa Bay plant desalinates 12% more than the first-mentioned plant in Jebel Ali. According to The International Desalination Association, 13,080 desalination plants produce more than 12 billion gallons of water a day.

The economics of desalination depends on the number of factors involved in the capital and operating costs of its production, such factors as the capacity and type of facility used, location, feed water, the labor involved, the energy used and the financing and concentration disposal of the desalination process.

Desalination is an innovation that is becoming more and more common in the world today. There are differing views as to whether it is ethical or even economical. But people have to drink water to live, and it seems that most persons are not particularly concerned about how their water is processed, as long as it is drinkable, economical and safe.


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