Solar Panel Efficiency

In this day and age humans are constantly looking for ways to use renewable energy. One such source is the sun or solar energy to be precise. One thing there seems to be a lot of in the world, at least most of the world is the suns rays and the good news is it will be around for a while. Solar energy concept is nothing new; it has been around for a few decades mostly for small applications such as calculators or some types of phones. But in the last couple of decades a better understanding has happened and now solar energy is considered to be a serious way to harness enough electricity to power a house.

If you have made up your mind to use solar panels to produce enough electricity for your house then you need to keep a few things in mind. After you have done your research you need to decide exactly how many panels it will take to provide the required power. Another thing to keep in mind is that all solar panels are not created the same. Each type of panel will vary significantly, will have different specifications and will be made from different materials. Here are just a few facts you need to consider before going forward with it.

1) An obvious fact would be if you use a cheaper panel it will not be as good as a panel that costs more. Yes, the more it costs the better it will be and the longer it will last. The most expensive panel is the monocrystalline panel. These panels will harness the sun light and convert it to electricity in the most efficient way. The next on the quality line is the polycrystalline solar panels. Polycrystalline panels are considered to be #2 in quality compared to monocrystalline solar panels. And lastly you have the thin solar panels. Thin solar panels are the cheapest of the 3 and also are the least good, quality wise.

2) Location, location, location. The most important thing no matter what type of panel you have is to put it in an area that will get a lot of sunshine.

3) The size of the panels. With solar panels bigger is better. Bigger the panels, the more square footage will be available to “grab” sunlight. Along with size the panels have to be put at a correct angle in order to get maximum efficiency from the sun. A simple formula to decide how much wattage you will need is to multiply Amps with volts. Most good quality cells will give .5 volts.



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