Solar Power Advantages / Disadvantages

Solar energy is becoming more common all around the world. Governments are pushing the technology needed to harness the energy from the sun. It is considered to be a renewable source of energy with no dangerous emissions that will harm the environment. Let’s go over the pros and cons of solar energy.

There are a lot of good points to solar energy, but there are still some areas that need fine-tuning. Obviously, one of the most significant advantages of solar energy is it is basically free. However, the cost to set up a solar energy powered home or business can be very costly. A basic solar energy system for a home starts around 20,000 dollars. The United States offers a tax break to those who do make the investment, which helps pay for some of the initial cost.

The electricity bill savings will also offset the initial cost, but this is only applicable if the home owner lives in the house for a long time. If a solar powered system is producing more than enough electricity, some electric companies allow the extra to be sold back to them. This is another one of the major advantages of solar power. Although governments are promoting green energy, banks will not usually finance a home that is powered solely by solar energy.

A solar powered home or business will also need to have a back-up generator. The generator is used during the times the solar fuel cells do not have the stored electricity to supply the home’s needs. The solar cells are charged throughout the day. The systems can have just one cell or several cells depending on how many a person buys. The cells are costly and most people will buy just enough to get by, which is sometimes not enough.

If the solar cells are drained, the generator is used to power the home or building. Most generators are powered with gasoline, which is a fossil fuel and defeats the purpose of the solar energy. There are solar powered generators available, but they are a bit more expensive and face the same issues as a solar powered system.

Another point that makes solar powered systems difficult to install is the space needed for solar panels. The solar panels can be placed on a roof-top or in an area that faces south and gets a lot of sun. The technology associated with solar energy is constantly improving and the panels are becoming smaller but many residential areas have covenants that restrict them. As you can see there are many solar energy advantages and not many problems with solar energy. It’s a great investment and my personal favorite of all the renewable and alternative energy options.


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