Transportation and Environment

The main environmental issue with transportation is personal automobiles. One of the best ways to combat this is to use public transportation. You can find information on easy ways to find public transportation routes on the saving money on transportation page.

New technology is resulting in cleaner personal transportation. In my opinion the best example of this is electric cars. Opponents of electric cars point out that charging these cars uses electricity produced by power plants which are often coal powered. However, this also means electricity production is centralized. Upgrading or creating cleaner power plants would result in cleaner transportation as well.

As solar power becomes more efficient and cheaper electric vehicles could be charged entirely by the sun. Some lightweight electric vehicles can already be powered through existing solar technology.

Other clean personal transportation technology like ethanol, hydrogen, biofuels, etc still use combustion and thus off gas unwanted pollution. In my opinion one of the main reasons ethanol and hydrogen are pushed so hard by government and big business is that it still allows for something to be sold using existing infrastructure. There will still be a need for refining, transporting, storing, etc just like with gasoline so they will be able to maintain their place in the market.

I truely believe that better solar power combined with electric cars is the cleanest and most efficient new personal transportation technology. Not only in the sense of the vehicle only but a home equipped with solar panels could charge your car for you as well eliminating the need for power plants all together. New advances are bringing us closer to this every day.


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