Pros and Cons of Wind Energy

Wind energy provides a form of energy that does not contribute to the depletion of natural resources like gas, coal, and natural oils. Energy is created when wind propels the wings on a wind turbine, which are connected to an electric grid, thus able to power the electric needs of homes and whole communities. They are inexpensive, self maintaining, and self reliant. However they pose a threat to the local bird population, might be easily destroyed by thunderstorms and the environment, and might contribute to noise pollution.  Let’s cover the advantages and disadvantages of wind power.

One of the major advantages of wind power is that it is very eco-friendly. It creates no pollution and will cater to the preservation of the environment. Wind energy is one of the most cheapest forms of energy, that it can be used by anyone. Wind is also a never ending resource; and will not use up any form of fossil fuel or non renewable resource. This is one of the main benefits of wind power that makes it so attractive.

On the flip-side, the turbines might not have a desirable appearance near communities. Not only that, but they require large plots of land; sometimes requiring an area of land 100 feet by a 100 feet just for one turbine. If you were to install a numer of turbines, you can see how this might quickly take up large areas of land . This is especially true if turbines are to be made for the electrical needs of a whole community. The wind turbine itself is also a delicate structure that is easily damaged by winds created by thunderstorms; and the repairs might be costly to the community if they are prone to thunderstorms or forceful winds. They may also pose a threat to migrating birds that might fly into the turning blades. Wind turbines are also not quiet. They create large levels of noise as the blades rotates on its axle.

Even though wind energy created by wind turbines is a near perfect form of energy, one cannot look over the disadvantages that they might pose. Wind turbines are more built for communities that have large plots of uninhabited lands, and not all communities have such attributes like cities or metropolitan areas. Thus the search for the perfect form of alternate energy sources continues.

Although there are many wind power pros and cons overall I think it’s a great energy source. However, I’m still a bit undecided if it’s really renewable or not. Even recent studies have begun to suggest wind might be a limited resource as well or at least limited in the sense that our harnessing it for energy production could have negative effects. If true this would be one of the most major wind power disadvantages indeed. For now though the wind power benefits outweigh the problems.



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