Vertical Wind Power

The rush for finding alternative methods of producing electricity is on. The reduction or elimination of the burning of fossil fuels with its dramatic effect on the environment is the number one motivation for this search. Running a close second is simple economics. Any amount of electricity that you can produce yourself has positive results for business or home owners bottom line.

Producing electricity using wind powered generators seems to be the current leader amongst alternative options. To produce electricity using wind is not a very complicated task. You must capture the kinetic energy of the wind by the use of blades or other surfaces that will cause a shaft connected to a generator to spin. The generator must then convert this energy to electricity that is compatible with the grid that it is connected to.

The shape, size and electric output of these devices is dependent on your needs and your budget.
The vertical shaft wind generator is fast becoming the most popular choice for home and business use. These vertical wind power generators are usually much smaller than the large bladed devices we are used to seeing in wind farms and much less obtrusive as to visual impact. A quick search of the internet will yield vertical shaft wind powered generators priced from $250.00 to many thousands of dollars. The size and design of these generators seems to be endless.

The usable electricity produced by these generators is directly proportional to the size of the unit plus the efficiency of the generator in converting the kinetic energy produced to electricity. The larger the blade collecting the wind combined with the velocity and density of the moving air the more energy supplied to the generator. Of course the use of multiple smaller units will overcome the size issue. Remember that according to engineers and physicists a wind powered device of any kind can convert a maximum of 59% of kinetic energy.

Most users of wind powered generators are only interested in reducing the amount of electricity purchased from the large electric companies not replacing them. The right device for you is the one that supplies the most electricity at the least cost.


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