Wind Turbine Cost

Most people are surprised to learn that wind turbines especially wind turbines that were designed specifically for making electricity has been around since the late 1800’s in Scotland. Those first models were large commercial models. As time went by the design of these turbines have improved dramatically because of the better understanding of wind turbine technology. Those first contraptions were heavy and bulky and not to mention cost a lot of money especially for the amount of electricity you could get from them. They had both a high purchase and maintenance cost. This is not so anymore.

Even though newer generation wind turbines are better in every possible way, they have also become more affordable than ever before. There are several different classes of wind turbines and each one has its benefits and suited for different situations. There are 3 different areas in which wind turbines have improved. Those are blade design, efficiency and reliability. Blade design is perhaps the biggest factor that makes the wind turbine the most effective. It is like the wings of an aircraft. The better the wing design the better the airplane will perform. Efficiency means generating as much current as possible from as little wind as possible. You may live in area where there is not much wind in some parts of the day and in such a place you will want to get the most efficient wind turbine available.

Reliability will obviously be an important factor. If you are using a wind turbine for commercial purposes such as running a factory, then reliability will be the topmost question on your mind. Early model turbines had a tendency to keep breaking down, but nowadays the reliability levels of turbines have increased dramatically. One of the design changes that increased reliability and efficiency greatly was the understanding that 3 long blades is the best combination. Not 2 or 4 blades but 3 wind turbine blades. This is reason why you will see 3 blades on most wind turbines.

As far as wind turbine costs go, it is the same as any other type of high tech machinery. The factors that decide cost are size, or capacity and make and model. The cheapest way to get your own wind turbine is to build your own. There are kits available with step by step instruction guides. Some people may get intimidated at the thought of building their own wind turbine but with proper instruction it is not very difficult to do it.



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